My Office

This is the first week I have not worked overtime in about 3 months. That’s a story in itself, but not the one I want to tell today. Basically, I’ve spent more time in my office than in my home in the last 3 months, and in so doing I have made it into a … Continue reading My Office

Difficult Little Things

Some days, the most difficult thing I have to do is get out of my car and walk into my apartment. Especially if it’s raining. Or if I’m carrying lots of things. Or if my dishes aren’t done. I’ve heard many people talk about using their commute home from work to decompress and do something they … Continue reading Difficult Little Things

When Life Got Too Tough

Let me be frank: I’ve never struggled with academics. Oh sure, every semester I’d spread all my schedules around me in a heap of misery and foreboding doom and cry for about 10 minutes. But then I’d just combine them all into one and be good to go. I graduated co-valedictorian (with Schwes) in high school … Continue reading When Life Got Too Tough