Once upon a time, there was a girl who did not listen very well at all. Continue reading Listen



In my picture-perfect Instagram and cheerful Facebook and personal presence, I need to admit failure in at least one place. Publicly. Even if semi-anonymously. Continue reading Failure

There is a Time

Our world is caught in the no-man’s-land  between relativity and the absolute. You can’t tell me what’s beautiful, beauty is relative to my opinion. You absolutely must be tolerant of everything and everyone. Gender? Eh. No biggie. You must always, always use your voice and speak your mind. Be the you that you like, it’s all good. Christians must … Continue reading There is a Time

Snow in the Southern Sun

One of the beautiful things about Christianity is the worldwide family gathered around the gospel. Combine an international Family with the Internet,  and from my little one-bedroom apartment I can both reach and be reached by New York, California, Florida, South Carolina, Michigan, Colorado, Italy, China, Switzerland, India, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Cameroon, and Papua New … Continue reading Snow in the Southern Sun