“No, YOU are the Man.”

2 thoughts on ““No, YOU are the Man.””

  1. It’s interesting that where economics is concerned there are also those who say the pie is only so big and if you get more someone else necessarily gets less. There are also those (I am on) who understand that the pie can be made larger and abundance is available (albeit at a cost) to all. The interesting part is that those firmly planted in their “grow the pie” economic view still often practice in other areas of their lives the very scarcity view you stated above.

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    1. It’s true, we are rarely wholly in one slot or the other. Like I said at the beginning, I like coffee AND tea 🙂 Perhaps we can deduce that these people are not firmly planting their feet on the love of God, but on something else that allows them a generous economic viewpoint and yet not a generous view on, say, fame.


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