Liquefied Cucumbers

Did you know that if you leave a cucumber in the fridge too long it liquefies?
I do now. Continue reading Liquefied Cucumbers


My Addictive Personality

I binge. I binge on all kinds of things. Asian food, TV shows, music, books, projects, coffee… it doesn’t matter the substance. If I get a taste of something I enjoy, I’ll go after it until I’m sick of it. In some cases, people have tried to reassure me that it’s just me being a perfectionist – … Continue reading My Addictive Personality

My Words are Too Big

This week I finish off an intense 8-week graduate class (only 3 to go!!!!) that has challenged my understanding, my thinking and my sleep schedule. I have had to ingest theological and philosophical theories to which I had no prior exposure and regurgitate them in discussions, papers, tests and presentations. Of course all of this is normal; … Continue reading My Words are Too Big

There is a Time

Our world is caught in the no-man’s-land  between relativity and the absolute. You can’t tell me what’s beautiful, beauty is relative to my opinion. You absolutely must be tolerant of everything and everyone. Gender? Eh. No biggie. You must always, always use your voice and speak your mind. Be the you that you like, it’s all good. Christians must … Continue reading There is a Time