Living the Dream

When I say I’m “living the dream,” you probably think that means I’m lounging on a beach in the Caribbean somewhere. Or maybe you think that means I have a high-paying executive job with little stress and excellent benefits. Or maybe it means I’m serenely happy, doing the things I love most in life and … Continue reading Living the Dream

Happy New Month

  I don’t know how it started, but sometime throughout the years, Schwes and I began ushering in each month with a celebratory “Happy new month!” said with the same amount of enthusiasm as “Happy New Year!” and “Happy Birthday!” Maybe that level of excitement was unnecessary, but today I’m reflecting on the past month, … Continue reading Happy New Month

Surprises and Spoilers

  I used to dream of getting a surprise birthday party. Like, full-on fantasy dreams. Most little girls dream about their wedding days or being a princess; of course I imagined those as well, but all I wanted in life was a surprise birthday party. I imagined where it would take place, how many people … Continue reading Surprises and Spoilers