When Life Got Too Tough

Let me be frank: I’ve never struggled with academics. Oh sure, every semester I’d spread all my schedules around me in a heap of misery and foreboding doom and cry for about 10 minutes. But then I’d just combine them all into one and be good to go. I graduated co-valedictorian (with Schwes) in high school … Continue reading When Life Got Too Tough


I’ll be the first to admit, today I needed a post prompt. Life is good, there are things going on, but who wants to read another “It’s Christmastime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” post? I didn’t really feel like writing one, either. A couple weeks ago, The Daily Post’s word of the day was “abide,” and that struck my fancy. … Continue reading Abide

Mind over Body

My entire life I’ve vacillated between two extreme opinions: I abhor being sick. (but I also kind of love it) When I was young — really young, aged 6 weeks to 3 years — I had a blood disorder that required frequent hospital visits, finger pokes, and nasty medicine. I’ve disliked taking medicine ever since. … Continue reading Mind over Body