When (and why) was it decided that nouns were acceptable verbs? “Facebook me” “I’ll message you” “We’re sooo #twinning!” Most of my friends and I are in the same stage of life: single, just out of college and living on our own. Most of our parents never went through this period of striking out on one’s … Continue reading Adulting

Introverted Extroverts

We all love to put certain aspects of our lives into categories; people especially.  We have labels for every walk of life and we are identified by our communities and our characteristics. Sometimes I think we do this to excuse certain behaviors in ourselves, but the labels do help us understand basic things about one another. A recently … Continue reading Introverted Extroverts

There is a Time

Our world is caught in the no-man’s-land  between relativity and the absolute. You can’t tell me what’s beautiful, beauty is relative to my opinion. You absolutely must be tolerant of everything and everyone. Gender? Eh. No biggie. You must always, always use your voice and speak your mind. Be the you that you like, it’s all good. Christians must … Continue reading There is a Time